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Tree Removal

Clear away old trees that are in declining health or simply no longer wanted with tree removal from S&B Tree L.L.C. in Lakeville, Pennsylvania. Our professional arborists are committed to delivering swift, safe, and reliable tree removal to every customer.

Residential & Commercial

Whether you are a homeowner looking to create the lawn of your dreams or a business owner seeking to increase your building’s visibility, our experienced team gets the job done. We offer residential and commercial removal of trees that have been damaged or are no longer wanted.

Prompt Service

At S&B Tree L.L.C., we understand our customers deserve a reliable service from a tree company they can trust. That is why we believe punctuality is of the utmost importance. Our team shows up on time and gets your job done in a timely manner.

Emergency Tree Removal

At S&B Tree L.L.C., your safety is our top concern. Sometimes you can’t wait to have a tree removed. That is why our team is available around the clock to remove potentially hazardous fallen trees, limbs, or other debris from your property.

24/7 Storm Cleanup

When a fierce storm is passing through, a tree can fall at any moment, instantly creating a threat to your family or property. If we can safely get out in the storm to complete the job, we get the job done. If we cannot get to you during the storm, we come over as soon as we can.

Lot-Transforming & Yard Cleanup

Tree Trimming

Clear up your yard and have your lot looking beautiful with tree trimming and yard cleanup from S&B Tree L.L.C. in Lakeville, Pennsylvania. We partner with you to create and maintain the healthy, vibrant looking yard you deserve.

Tree Trimming

If you don’t want a tree completely removed but still want it touched up, our team trims back and tops your tree, shaping it exactly the way you desire. We keep your trees looking vibrant and healthy every time.

Utility Line Trimming

Trying to trim trees that are near utility lines is extremely dangerous. Instead of assuming the risk yourself, trust our trained professionals to handle your utility line trimming. Our team has years of experience dealing with and around power lines, and knows how to handle your trees with safety and care.

Lot Clearing

A lawn full of debris is never a pretty sight. That is why our customers love our cleanup services that clear the lot for whatever the need is. We use a chipper to convert your tree debris into smaller pieces of cut up wood that we can either haul off ourselves or leave for you for firewood or other practical uses.

Leaving Every Site Clean

No matter what service we provide, we leave every job site clean. It is our aim to make it appear as though we were never even there – the only indication being the clean removal or trimming of your tree that leaves your landscape looking better than ever.

Contact us to get rid of your unwanted trees with our reliable tree removal services or for safe tree trimming and yard cleanup that beautifies your property.

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